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See live pricing and availability of all local accommodation.


Apply today and we'll have it ready in less than 24 hours.

Show your wedding guests all of the local hotels & private accommodation options.

Hotel Maps Pro have reinvented and simplified the process of finding accommodation for your wedding guests, close to your chosen venue. For far too long wedding organisers and their guests have had to spend hours searching and contacting local hotels. With our specialist platform you can automate the process and have one less job on your to-do-list.

How does Hotel Maps Pro work?

Using the address of your chosen wedding venue, we’ll pinpoint this location on a map and then display all of the hotels and private accommodation options in the surrounding area. Your guests can see up-to-date hotel availability and live pricing, and with just a couple of clicks book their accommodation.

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How to get started.

Applying for a hotel map for your wedding takes less than 2 minutes using our quick & simple application form below, and best of all it's completely FREE. Apply today and we'll have your page up and running within 24 hours. All that's left for you to do is share your unique URL with your wedding guests.

Step 1: Apply

Use the application form below to get in touch with one of our community support gurus, providing the details of your wedding. We'll get in touch if we have any queries.

Step 2: 24 Hr Setup

Our support team will create a bespoke map, pinpointing the location of your wedding venue. We'll create a user friendly URL and keep this private, it won't be publicly available on our website or on Google.

Step 3: Share

You share your unique URL with your wedding guests and they benefit from seeing live pricing and availability of all the surrounding hotels and accommodation options, all available to book with just a few clicks.


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Other Events We Support

It's not just weddings that benefit from the Hotel Maps Pro platform. We support all sorts of events; corporate, music, sports and many more.

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Apply today and let your wedding guests find the best deals on local hotels. Search, click, book!

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